Sermon Audio Files

New Life In Christ:  God the Father Sent His Son to Save Mankind.  Pastor Ehlers 7-23-17

New Life In Christ:  God the Father Promised to Save Sinful Mankind.  Pastor Ehlers 7-16-17

New Life In Christ:  God Tells Us About Himself.  Pastor Ehlers 7-2-17

New Life In Christ:  Our Great Heritage.  Pastor Foxen 6-25-17

The Triune God Commissions Us.  Pastor Foxen 6-11-17

Filled with the Spirit to Proclaim God’s Wonders.  Pastor Ehlers 6-4-17

Our Lord Christ Reigns!  Pastor Foxen 5-28-17

Do You Apologize For Jesus?  Pastor Foxen 5-21-17

The Way The Truth And The Life.  There’s Only One.  Pastor Foxen 5-14-17

Walking in the Footsteps of Christ.  Pastor Ehlers 5-7-17

Conspicuous Christianity: Devoted to teaching, fellowship, the Sacraments, prayer.  Pastor Kugler 4-30-17

Jesus is our Living Hope.  Pastor Foxen 4-23-17

Repent:  Turn to Jesus for Resurrection and Life!  Easter Sunday Pastor Foxen 4-16-17

Repent:  Turn to Jesus and Receive A Special Assurance of Your Forgiveness.  Maundy Thursday Pastor Ehlers 4-13-17

Shout for Joy!  Your King Comes to You!  Palm Sunday Pastor Foxen 4-9-17

Lent Service Pastor Albrecht 4-5-17

Why I Believe Jesus Is My Savior Pastor Kugler 4-2-17

Lent Service Pastor Hering 3-29-17

The Spirit Sets Us Free for Lives of Selfless Service.  Pastor Foxen 3-26-17

Jesus Has Opened Our Eyes!  Pastor Ehlers 3-19-17

Lenten Service Pastor Sprain 3-15-17

God’s Gift Comes by Faith.  Pastor Foxen 3-12-17

Lenten Service Pastor Clark 3-8-17

The Apparent Victory of the Devil.  Pastor Ehlers 3-5-17

Repent Turn To Jesus!  Pastor Foxen 3-1-17- Ash Wednesday

This is God’s Son- Listen to Him!  Pastor Ehlers 2-26-17

The Christian Funeral of Loretta Goeglein 2-24-17

Loving The Unlovable.  Pastor Foxen 2-19-17

Be What You Are.  Pastor Foxen 2-5-17

Being Blessed Believers.  Pastor Ehlers 1-29-17

Jesus is the Light of the World.  Pastor Foxen 1-22-17

Look, the Lamb of God!  Pastor Ehlers 1-15-17

Who Among You Is Wise?  Pastor Foxen 1-8-17

What’s In A Name?  Pastor Kugler Sermon 1-1-17

Pastor Foxen Sermon 12-25-16

Pastor Foxen Sermon 12-11-16

Pastor Kugler Sermon 12-4-16

Pastor Ehlers Sermon 11-27-16

Pastor Foxen Sermon 11-20-16

Pastor Ehlers Sermon 11-13-16

Pastor Foxen Sermon 10-23-16

Pastor Foxen Sermon 10-9-16

Pastor Kugler Sermon 10-2-16

Pastor Foxen Sermon 9-25-16

Pastor Ehlers Sermon 9-18-16

The Christian Funeral of Kim Harmon 9-16-16

Pastor Foxen Installation 9-11-16

Sermon 9-11-16

Sermon 9-4-16

Sermon 8-28-16

Sermon 8-14-16

Sermon 8-7-16

Sermon 7-31-16

Sermon 7-24-16

Sermon 7-17-16

Sermon 7-10-16

Sermon 7-3-16

Sermon 6-26-16