Our Mission Statement

Cross of Glory Lutheran School is a part of the total ministry of Cross of Glory Lutheran Church. In cooperation with families, Cross of Glory Lutheran School exists to equip children with the power of God’s Word and academic excellence. We seek to produce students who are strong in God’s Word, who are prepared for life eternal, and who are able to apply their education toward serving their Savior in any walk of life.

Our Philosophy

It is the general philosophy of Cross of Glory Lutheran School that we educate the COMPLETE child with a high quality Christian education while simultaneously encouraging, supporting, and nurturing families through the Word of God.

To accomplish this:

Educating the Whole Child

Our school offers a Christ-centered, Bible-based education through which the children of our congregation and community have the opportunity to grow:

  • Spiritually: know their Savior, Christ Jesus, and the work of salvation
  • Intellectually: math, science, language arts, and other typical courses
  • Socially: promoting positive interactions with other students, teachers, and adults as well as how to deal with issues involving other people
  • Physically: building strong bodies through PE, recess, and movement activities
  • Emotionally: how to deal with failure and frustrations

Emphasizing Spiritual Growth

Our school offers the environment in which each child is enabled to grow spiritually

  • In his / her faith in Jesus, through a daily study of the inerrant Word of God (the tool of the Holy Spirit)
  • In his / her understanding of Christian doctrine as summarized by Martin Luther, and
  • In developing his / her spiritual gifts and strengths in order to be prepared for a life of Christian service to this congregation, the church at large, and the community.

Providing a Safe and Cooperative Environment

Our school offers the environment that provides for the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic needs of each child by

  • providing a Christian environment where children can develop their God-given talents;
  • using a Christ-centered curriculum in which Bible truths permeate each subject;
  • using called WELS teachers who daily confess Christ as their Savior.
  • Employing innovative and research based educational tools and programs to meet the COMPLETE needs of each learner.

Supporting Parents

Finally, since the Bible teaches that parents have the primary responsibility for instructing their children in the Christian faith (Deuteronomy 6:7-9; Psalm 78:4-8), our school provides the environment that supports Christian parenting and home life.
It is our vision for Cross of Glory Lutheran School to be a school that develops and nurtures a church-home-school partnership to assist the parents in their responsibility to “bring them [their children] up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4.


The curriculum at Cross of Glory Lutheran seeks to educate the mind and enlighten the heart through the timeless truths of God’s Word. Cross of Glory’s curricular framework is balanced and comprehensive. Its design promotes cognitive growth in all of its objectives, activities, strategies, and resources. The curriculum takes into account the wide range of cultural backgrounds and learning styles of its students, offering flexibility to remediate the struggling student while at the same time enriching the gifted learner. The Cross of Glory Lutheran student will be fully equipped with the tools needed to succeed in and out of the classroom.

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Micah Foelske



5th-8th Grade


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Keri Patterson


 3 – year-olds


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Brenda Grams

Preschool Director


4 – year-olds


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Brenda Jeffers




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Kim Pappenfuss


1st Grade


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Paul Pappenfuss

2nd-4th Grade


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Thea Arndt

Preschool Aide


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Susan Ehlers

Preschool Aide


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Alexa Foelske

Principal Relief Teacher
5-8th Grade

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