Preschool – 8th Grade

School Mission- Cross of Glory Lutheran School is a part of the total ministry of Cross of Glory Lutheran Church. In cooperation with families, Cross of Glory Lutheran School exists to equip children with the power of God’s Word and academic excellence. We seek to produce students who are strong in God’s Word, who are prepared for life eternal, and who are able to apply their education toward serving their Savior in any walk of life.

COMPLETE Education Through Christ

copy-of-trunkortreatCross of Glory nurtures the COMPLETE child.  We focus not only on the mind, but equally on the heart, body, and soul.  The unique tools we use to accomplish this demanding task set us apart from other schools, both private and public.  Below, you will see a list of these tools and how they help us achieve our goal of COMPLETE education:

  • Christian Education

Our foundation in Christ anchors our innovation.  We base all we do on the good news that Jesus has died for our sins and risen again to seal our eternal life in heaven.  This motivates us to use the talents with which he has blessed us to his glory every day in every way!

  • Small Class Sizes

Educational research indicates the greatest student achievement happens when the student teacher ratio is 15:1 or less.  Our 2015-2016 average is 11:1.  We are able to know our students as individuals and to spend the time required to help them each reach their potential.

  • Athletics

In addition to our physical education classes.  We offer organized football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and track programs to help our students learn how to glorify God with their bodies.

Junior Strengths Explorer is an assessment that yields a child’s top three strengths.  Knowledge of these strengths helps us focus on areas where each student has the most potential for growth.  This kind of a positive approach nurtures students who are more motivated and included because intentional opportunities are created by staff for each student to shine!