5th-8th Grade- Mr. Foelske

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Here is the school supply list for this year.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Mr. Foelske Biography and Random Facts

Biographical Information:

Micah was born in Saginaw, MI in January 1991. He was baptized the same year. When he was 8 his family moved to Manitowoc, WI where he attended Bethany Lutheran. This is also where he was confirmed in 2005.



High School and College, Graduate School and year graduated

Manitowoc Lutheran High School                                     Graduated 2009

Martin Luther College                                                         Graduated 2014



Teaching career

Wuhan, China

            2014-2015                             Teacher

Cross of Glory Lutheran School in Peoria, Arizona

            2015-2016                             Grades 3-5 Teacher, Administrative Director

Cross of Glory Lutheran School in Peoria, Arizona

            2016-Present                       Grades 5-8 Teacher, Principal



Family Information

Married Alexa Foelske (nee Liermann) in summer 2013

Miscellaneous Information Questions-

Favorite book: The Bible, 1984


What I’m reading now: Hunger Games


Who was your favorite teacher in grade school?  High school?  College or

            beyond? In grade school- I’m not sure. High school – Mr. Foelske (my dad) or Mr. Steinbrenner. They had high expectations from students and wanted them to work to succeed. In college- Dr. Moldenhauer. He was such a great role model of Christian humility and service. He also made sure to keep the message the focus of what we did in choir.


Other than any class connected with God’s Word or worship, what was      

            your favorite subject?  Science or math


If you are married, where did you meet your spouse? 

We met in grade school band. Then attended high school together. We started dating right at the end of high school and through college.


What was/is your favorite television show of all time? 

            Recess, X-men, Spider-man


What is your favorite restaurant? 

            Buffalo Wild Wings or Organ Stop Pizza


What was the most memorable play or concert (if any) that you attended?

            STOMP! So amazing to see live. I also love seeing Les Miserables live.


What is your favorite overall cuisine (i.e. French, Cajun, Mexican, etc.)?



What is the most rewarding part of your call?

            Watching students grow and mature academically and spiritually


My bucket list:


            Take a martial arts class of some sort